Selling on Facebook with Shopify: Create Your Facebook Ad, Right from Shopify

Selling on Facebook with Shopify has never been easier! You can now create your Facebook ad, right from Shopify website!
With ecommerce solution Shopify, you can target the right customers for your brand and no expert knowledge or skills are necessary. If you already have a Shopify store, you can start immediately with creating your first Facebook ad, right from your Shopify admin.

Selling on Facebook with Shopify has never been easier and here is why:

➢ Streamline Ad Creation: You can create Facebook campaigns in a few minutes. No expertise is required for you to create your campaigns.
➢ Target with Confidence: You can allow Shopify to help you choose the right Facebook target group for your products and your brand.
➢ Reduce Guesswork: You can get recommendations that will help create better campaigns over time.

Selling on Facebook

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The best part is that you can manage everything in Shopify. You can create, manage, and track your Facebook advertising campaign without leaving the Shopify website. You can draft your ad – Ecommerce solution Shopify uses your product information and most popular ad format of Facebook to create a professionally-looking campaign in a few minutes. You can easily select an audience. All you have to do is allow Shopify to help you select the purchasers who are the best fit for your brand and the products you sell. You can get better results. How? Well, you can review the results on the desktop or on your smartphone. You can use the campaign data to discover insights and helpful information, as well as, to make improvements to your Facebook marketing.
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The Facebook ads are an effective strategy to market your business if you know how to run, create, and manage the ads properly. There is a science behind using Facebook ads. First, it is important for you to put yourself in the consumer’s’ situation. Before creating the ad, you need to know how customers feel and what exactly they are looking for.
Don’t hesitate to get to know your buyers. If you have been marketing for a while, we supper you have a buyer persona. You can use this persona, however, you may need to properly adjust it according to your Facebook users and hopefully Shopify buyers.

The Facebook users are different in a couple of ways. For example, these users are not on Facebook looking to purchase something, the people using Facebook are not necessarily ready to spend money, the people who are using this social media platform have a certain degree of emotional responsiveness, and most importantly – for the Facebook users, only the most attractive and well-designed ads stand out.

Although there are significant differences between Facebook users, you can still create a Facebook ad that will bring you a positive result. You simply need to know what your potential customers way and give that to them in a way they can’t say no. We can say that Facebook has done an amazing job of analyzing its users. They know their interests, demographics, behaviors, and affiliations. When you set up a Facebook ad, you can choose people who have looked for your products and services. You can choose people who have already visited your Shopify store or Facebook page. There is also an option to show your Facebook ad to people who have considered making a purchase or already purchased from your competitor. Targeting the ad to the right group of people will grow the likelihood they will convert, buy your items, and hopefully come back. The potential buyers of yours may not be looking to make a purchase, however, if they were researching a product in the past, they are much closer to converting.

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