What to avoid when selling through Facebook

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Facebook is not just a great platform for keeping in touch with your friends. Instead, in today’s digital age, it is an excellent platform for businesses. After all, there are billions of active users on Facebook. This makes it a great place to target them all cost-effectively.

So, if you are a small business trying to sell your products to the masses, on top of using the best Ecommerce platform and establishing an Ecommerce store, you might want to make use of Facebook as well.

How can you use Facebook to sell your products? Well, informally, you can do by communicating with your target audience through groups. If you want to do it the professional way, you can create a Facebook store and a business page. The former will allow you to integrate your page with Shopify and other quality platforms. The latter will create awareness about your brand.

However, there are two things you must never do when selling through Facebook. Here is some of them.

•    Poor branding

Let’s say you did your Ecommerce platform comparison and selected the best platform. You then integrated it with your Facebook store as well. You invested in making your online store and website aesthetically pleasing. However, you decided not to give much thought to your Facebook page.

Well, this is a mistake you don’t want to make. Branding is important in all platforms. And you must be consistent with it. Your Facebook store and a business page should also follow the same color scheme and have the same logo. This ensures brand recognition and creates a positive brand image.

•    Mass marketing

One of the best things about Facebook is that it allows you to micro-target to some extent. You can choose who can see your post. You can decide the age, demographics, location and other factors of your target audience.

Facebook is not the place for mass marketing. This is because such posts are likely to receive low sales turnover. When you have a tool that is making it easier for you, make sure you use it to its full glory.


Facebook can be a transforming platform for selling products if you allow it to. Know how to realize full benefit from it. Integrate it with your Shopify store. Publish engaging and targeted content. Witness the growth your business will experience.

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