Shopify Helps You With Your Online Business Journey – Here’s how

Online Business Journey

Choosing an e-commerce platform to sell your products is one of the biggest and difficult decisions you’ll take as the first step in your online business journey. It’s hard to recognize the best e-commerce platform when there’s a plethora of them in the market but Shopify is arguably the best one out of all due to the convenience and eases it provides to its users.

It also has an amazing integration system to your Facebook store and it fully manages all your selling needs and leaves you hassle-free with time to work on your main thing, your product or service.

Shopify isn’t that expensive and the cost depends on how many functionalities you add up. These two, Facebook and Shopify, are a great combination to work with because your order and shipment are managed, you have the ability to sell unlimited products, Shopify reports and tracks your sales, it provides you with 70+ gateway payments and the checkout experience is secure and responsive.

It also reduces the time and cost of building an online store from scratch and it increases brand awareness by using Facebook indicators like likes, shares, and promotion. Furthermore, it has a currency and global tax support and many other features.

Your overall business strategy will definitely get a boost by having Shopify’s Facebook store. Shopify gives you access to a buy button which you can add on to any other website or blog you have to connect to your Facebook store. Just putting your product to sell on Facebook weaves a lot of engagement as the users will be able to share, like, comments and save it for later.

Opening a Shopify Facebook store can be done in 3 easy steps:

1) Register with Shopify

2) Integrate both the accounts, Shopify and Facebook

3) Add products via Shopify to your Facebook store

To do all the above steps you’ll need to first open a Facebook business page. After that, you can choose which option you need: Shopify Plus or Shopify Lite and then decide on which pricing plan you’ll be going with.

Next, you’ll need to optimize your images and content so when users search for them they can appear and shine on Facebook.

Every online business starting out needs a support system and Shopify is the one to provide you with all your necessities. It’s an ideal sales channel for your online business journey.

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