Ways to run an E-commerce business on Facebook

E-commerce business

It’s no doubt that ecommerce business has taken over the world mainly because it eliminates geographical limitations, gains customers through engine visibility and diminishes the cost of maintenance and rent.

But what if we could expand the scope and run our ecommerce business on Facebook? Every month, around 2 billion active users join Facebook, imagine the amount of potential customers you would gain. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Well it’s possible!

There are mainly two ways you can sell on Facebook:

  1. The most basic way of selling is creating a Facebook store while using Facebook platform itself. You can set up the store having product lists, shopping cart and payment methods like usual.
  2. Use an ecommerce website builder to set up your online store, and then link your products to the Facebook’s store page.

The better option is number two. Because using an ecommerce builder like Shopify to sell on Facebook is a simpler option and also gives your business an extensive online presence.  While option one has some limitations such as lack of syncing and payment types and even lower product image quality may take away the interest of a potential customer.

Easiest way to start selling

Ecommerce website builder let’s you set up your Facebook store easily and quickly without you having prior technical experience. All you have to do is set up a Facebook page for your business, and then add an application to your online store and start selling on Facebook very easily.

Ecommerce builders that connect to Facebook store

There are number of ecommerce website builders that connect automatically to your Facebook store and they are:

  • Shopify: it is the most preferred ecommerce website builder
  • BigCommerce: for businesses selling huge amounts of products online.
  • Squarespace: Having multiple templates and designs is perfect for creative businesses.

In the era of multi-channel world, setting up your online business on just one platform is not enough. Unlike Facebook itself, the ecommerce website builders have powerful ecommerce features to run your business effectively and keep track of your selling.


Allowing your potential customers to buy your products through Facebook is no longer a hassle, you don’t even need to have much technical knowledge. There are multiple reputable ecommerce platforms such as Shopify, BigCommerce, and Wix etc. that have apps that allow you to create your own Facebook store linking your current products very quickly and painlessly.